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Magnetic foil holders are mainly used for sticking foils on vehicles and other metallic surfaces. The still unglued plot is magnetically fixed by a foil holder during lamination, so that no further helper is necessary. Sensitive surfaces are protected by the rubber coating. The magnet withstands many loads and temperature differences. This is why the Supermagnet, which the consumer can order quickly and easily from our shop, enjoys a long shelf life. Good quality pays for itself in many areas of life in the long term. It is the same with a magnetic foil holder!

Magnetic foil holder, ø = 43 mm, blue
- 50
Sale Bargain

Different sizes for different applications

The neodymium magnet as a small magnetic foil holder is available in different sizes. For example you will find the following offers:

  • Magnetic foil holder as super magnet with a diameter of 43 mm: Height 60 mm, neodymium, N35, rubberized base plate. This small magnet withstands a holding force of approx. 8 kg. The black Supermagnet from the magnet shop thus ensures perfect adhesion without objects falling off or breaking.
  • Magnetic foil holder as Supermagnet with a diameter of 66 mm: Height 108 mm, neodymium, N35, rubberized base plate. This slightly larger magnet can even withstand an adhesive force of approx. 20 kg. This supermagnet is also black. It can be ordered in the magnet shop and ensures perfect adhesion. Especially in the commercial sector this magnetic foil holder withstands many load factors 100%. The handle of the Supermagnet consists of a plastic material that is easy to handle. This means that the magnetic foil holder can be easily and simply attached and detached anywhere.

What distinguishes a magnet made of neodymium?

Neodymium is a metal with a particularly powerful magnetic effect. For this reason, neodymium magnets are rightly called SuperMagnets. Neodymium belongs to the group of rare earth metals. What does this mean exactly? Neodymium belongs to a group of elements that are only rarely found in small quantities in scattered minerals. In combination with boron and iron, the neodymium magnet can be used to produce the strongest permanent magnets currently available anywhere in the world. Neodymium is often produced in the form of cuboids, cubes, discs, rods, spheres and various other shapes.

How is the SuperMagnet visually evaluated?

The neodymium magnet gets its attractive, mostly shiny and silver surface from the nickel-copper-nickel coating. This is exactly what distinguishes the black magnetic foil holder. It is inconspicuous and ensures perfect adhesion of foils and plots on metallic objects and much more. The foil holder made of the super magnet ensures super strong holding power. Here nothing can slip or fall off.

Small but powerful - why is neodymium especially appreciated as the best material?

The foil holder with the SuperMagnet requires very little space to develop its full holding power. Small surface - big effect: This is exactly why the smallest magnetic foil holders are popular. This is called miniaturization. It ensures perfect adhesion on the smallest surface with minimum space requirements. Isn't it a great advantage if even the smallest neodymium magnets provide for strong adhesion just as much as conventional magnets, which are much larger and more conspicuous?

Where do you like to use the magnetic foil holder?

Which booth builder does not need the quick solution when he has to set up and dismantle booths and fasten things quickly? Here it often has to be done quickly in everyday life. After all, there is usually not much time to fasten and remove objects. The magnetic foil holder, which can be ordered in our shop, is also used frequently in the automotive industry. Foils can be attached quickly - the SuperMagnet ensures a perfect hold. That is why a small magnet should also have a large load capacity and provide a perfect hold. The magnetic foil holder has all these properties.

Where can you find the foil holder as a supermagnet?

Many commercial companies are more than grateful if they find the magnetic foil holder in the car, in the hall or in the workshop. When you have a foil holder at hand, when plots can be attached quickly and safely, the consumer is more than grateful to be able to use good quality immediately. What more could you want? If things adhere perfectly with the neodymium foil holder, a lot is gained in everyday life. That is why you should no longer do without the magnetic foil holder.

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