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Magnet counterpart surfaces are becoming more and more popular. These may be metal tapes, films or discs. They are not magnetic themselves. However, they have the property that magnets hold on to them. In our shop you will find a large selection of different metal discs, which turn non-magnetic surfaces into a usable magnet counterpart in no time. You can choose between self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive magnet counterparts and attach a magnetic closure to folders and pockets, for example. Stop by and discover, for different applications, high-quality metal discs in different sizes and designs.

Metal discs Metal discs
✓ different options available!
Metal discs, self-adhesive Metal discs, self-adhesive
✓ different options available!

Why do I need counterparts for magnets?

Magnet counterparts can be used in many ways. In offices and break rooms they often serve as a substitute for a magnetic board. With metal discs from SPRINTIS, magnets can be attached specifically. This means that notes can also be attached to small areas and miniature magnetic walls can be created. Thus plans, photos or other important information in lounges and offices can be attached to the wall. Of course, magnet counterparts are also suitable for private use and can be applied in the kitchen as a place to keep shopping lists or timetables. Pockets, folders and boxes are another area of application for magnet counterparts. Metal discs and films are used specifically to create a magnetic seal. Particularly small magnet discs are perfectly suitable for hidden use under thin paper and thus create an invisible surface to which magnets can be attached. Of course, the discs can also be sewn or be attached visibly to open areas.

How do I use a counterpart for magnets?

A magnet counterpart can easily be applied even by laymen. In our shop you will find self-adhesive and non-adhesive metal discs that can be used in many ways. The metal discs with self-adhesive backside offer you a practical flap. This allows them to be attached directly without touching the adhesive side. In addition, the protective film protrudes slightly beyond the edge of the discs and is therefore easier to remove. Just before use, remove the protective film and press the metal disc for a few seconds on the desired spot. Please note: In order for the metal discs to stick permanently, they should always be used on a clean surface. Dust, water or other impurities may affect the adhesive strength. Therefore, you should clean the corresponding surface before each application. The best metal discs from SPRINTIS: They hold on almost any surface. They can therefore be applied to paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and glass. All metal discs are characterised by an enormously strong adhesive strength and offer durable hold. Also keep in mind that the metal discs are only magnet counterparts, they are not magnets.

What choice of counterparts for magnets do I have?

SPRINTIS offers you a wide range of different magnet counterparts. The metal discs available from us are available in various sizes and designs. The smallest magnet counterpart in our magnet shop are metal discs with a diameter of 11 millimeters. They are 0.3 millimeters thick and are available in various types. The small discs can either be purchased loose or convince as self-adhesive variant. The small magnet counterparts are ideal for attaching to staples and folders or sewing into clothing and accessories. If you are looking for a larger magnet counterpart, you’re well advised to choose article MS.ES.31.0_3.SK.06. The self-adhesive metal disc with useful flap can quickly be attached to suitable surfaces and serves as an adhesive under-surface. It has a diameter of 31 millimeters and is provided with strong adhesive. Additionally galvanized, the magnet counterparts in our magnet shop are particularly robust and can be used as an alternative to a magnetic wall, just like metal tape and metal strips. Especially useful: All metal discs can already be ordered from 100 pieces and are therefore also available in small quantities. If you buy more, you can benefit from our generous volume discount.

Your benefits with counterparts for magnets at SPRINTIS:

  • can be purchased from 100 pieces
  • are available self-adhesive and without adhesive backside
  • are available in various sizes and designs
  • installation is extremely easy
  • hold on almost any surface
  • are available with a diameter of 11 millimeters to 31 millimeters
  • have a strong magnetic effect
  • can be purchased in large quantities with quantity discount