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Label holders – the perfect solution for a variable lettering

Label holders are the perfect solution for a variable lettering They offer space for labels of all types and keep them from dirt, dust as well as external influences. The label holders in MagnetiQ magnet shop can be easily assembled and offer a full surface magnetic underside. Insert a label of your choice and bring the label holder to a desired position with just a hand movement. Thanks to the large selection of various sizes and shapes, MagnetiQ offers the right label holder for every situation. Irrespective of whether it is in warehouse, on sales floors or in offices and archives – you can definitely find them here.
✓ different options available!
✓ different options available!

What are label holders suitable for?

Label holders are basically employed as holders of labels. They offer the option to keep safe lettering in the form of a label. Thus you can indicate information in warehouses and sales floors and help in orientation in this way. They can even be affixed on cupboards, racks or folders and hence help an exact identification. They are frequently used in retail currently and help in goods identification. All inscribed and printed labels are in an appropriate label holder because it gives the option to affix them easily. The label holder protects the printed paper from damage.

The advantages of MagnetiQ label holders at a glance:

  • Easy to affix and remove
  • Leave no residues on the surfaces
  • Can be reused any number of times
  • Hold on to all magnetic surfaces
  • Give more orientation in daily life
  • Versatile
  • Offer protection from dust, moisture and dirt
  • Guarantee a sustained readability of labels and barcodes
  • Available in various sizes and formats
  • Include inlay paper and protective film