The appropriate magnets for every application. We have adapted the magnetic all-rounder to your needs. Here you will find magnets for use in the office, household, for organisation as well as for creative brainstorming in business and administration.

Which shape and colour can it be?

Angled, square, round or cylindrical. In red, white, green or blue. You will find the magnets of your desired shape and colour, apt for you, at MagnetiQ. Single or as a varied set. Depending on the purpose of use, an inexpensive ferrite or powerful neodymium magnet is used.

Area of application of office magnets and pin board magnets

The magnets from the area of office and school are the perfect helpers:

  • For demonstration of magnetism (link Magnet Lexicon) in the Physics class
  • as pin board magnet in household use
  • as name plate with magnetic label in conferences and conventions
  • as office magnet, to convey information to the colleagues
  • as blackboard magnet in school routine

School magnets and office magnets: What shape and colour do you want?

Square, square, round or cylindrical. Available in red, white, black, blue, green or yellow. At SPRINTIS you will find the right magnet for you in your desired shape and colour. And that individually or as a varied set. Depending on the application, a cost-effective ferrite magnet or a powerful neodymium magnet, also known as a supermagnet, was used as the basis.

Office magnets: Single or in a set

You can buy office magnets and school magnets individually or as a set in the magnet shop. You will find various types of magnets in our shop: pinboard magnets, board magnets, magnetic pins, whiteboard magnets, memoboard magnets and more. If, for example, you buy 10 magnet pins in a set, you can decide whether you want a single-colour or a colourfully mixed set. The magnet pins securely hold notes, postcards or posters on all metallic surfaces. The same applies to the board magnets. With a diameter of 10 mm, the powerful magnets do not interfere while securely holding paper or thin cardboard. Choose between many different colours, shapes and designs for office magnets and school magnets.

Magnetic label holders for a better overview

Magnetic label holders are an ideal way to label your products flexibly. They can be easily removed from all magnetic surfaces without leaving any residue. At the same time, the label holders ensure that the labels are protected from dirt, dust and moisture. The labelling of products, pallets or shelves with labels is particularly popular in the retail trade. Magnetic label holders, for example, hold on to iron grids and can be attached or removed with a single movement. Also in the office or in a warehouse label holders with magnet are therefore gladly used helpers.

Application range of office magnets and pinboard magnets

In our shop you will find a large selection of magnets for office and school. The application possibilities are manifold and the magnets can be reused many times. With the purchase of school magnets and office magnets at SPRINTIS you can do nothing wrong. Benefit from the high quality of neodymium magnets, which securely hold your notes, presentations etc. on all magnetic surfaces.

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