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Magnetic frames are excellent for the labelling of metallic storage and transport containers, pallet cages or storage racks. Racks and parking places can be marked and designated with the help of info-frames. Your documents and information are protected from dust and moisture. On top of that, the barcodes can be readily scanned through a transparent front screen.

A transparent cover which is clearly visible

The notice frames with the addition of “Security” provide for optimum security thanks to the striking colour combination. Thus, important notices or images in this pocket can be observed especially quickly. The stable, scratch-proof, anti-reflective film also provides optimum readability here.

✓ different options available!
✓ different options available!
✓ different options available!
✓ different options available!

Fixing the magnetic frame

You can fix the magnetic pockets in two ways:
  • Self-adhesive transparent covers with magnetic tape: The rear side of the info-frame is self-adhesive. The glue used has the advantage that the transparent cover can be removed from the base and re-oriented without leaving a residue. The notice is fixed to the pocket with magnetic tape.
  • Transparent cover with magnetic tape: Place the notice behind the info-frame. The magnetic frame is furnished with four magnetic strips. For this reason, the frame remains securely adhered to the metallic bases.
Whichever transparent cover pocket you decide on, the contents can be quickly and easily changed in both the variants. The magnetic frames in the most common DIN formats can furthermore be applied in portrait or landscape format.