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Magnets in many different shapes,  whether if round or angular, even self-adhesive – perfectly suited for mounting or fastening. Magnets are usually used as closing mechanisms on high-quality packagings or on folders, worked in nearly invisible. The self-adhesive variant is easy to install and stick onto nearly any surface. Our magnets (not magnetic tape) are made of neodymium, which is also used in extremely strong magnets: highest holding force within the smallest space. Whether seen in the aumotive industry or any other sector, magnets can be found nearly everywhere.

Neodymium magnets – tiny but strong!

A magnetic disc with a diameter of 15 mm and a height of just 3.5 mm has a holding force of around 2,700 g. This way, they can also be used for DIY- or handicraft work. We also offer custom-made magnets produced according to your requirements, even small quantities, with individual measurements and shapes for affordable price.

> Overview over all available magnets (PDF)
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