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Binding covers and back covers for print offices and bookbinderies

Binding covers and back covers are primarily used in print offices and at bookbinderies to assemble note books, note pads and calendars. They make for an elegant presentation and increase the longevity of note books and calendars when used frequently at work and in everyday life.

In the industry, transparent header pages are often used to visually enhance presentation folders and brochures. Our cover pages are also ideal for protecting frequently used documents, such as manuals.

In order to provide a larger flexibility, our transparent cover pages do not come with prefabricated perforations. That way, you can use header pages for both wire-bound and clamp-bound documents.

Benefits of transparent header pages

Our crystal-clear transparent header pages, made from PVC, are best suited if the coloured image of the underlying documents should remain visible. The clear look gives the document a classy touch.

The surface of our matt-transparent header pages, consisting of PP-film, offers a larger protection from scratches, is non-reflecting and less prone to finger prints or particles of dirt. We especially recommend our matt-transparent header pages for documents that are being used frequently.

Functionality of our binding covers

Binding covers fulfil a variety of functions. When selecting the right header page, you should consider the following functionalities:

  • Visual appearance & design
  • Stability
  • Security

Binding covers as design elements

Generally, all header pages fulfil the function as a cover. Our transparent header pages allow, because of transparent, half-transparent and translucent characteristics respectively, for special effects and offer a creative use in many ways. A final product with a transparent binding cover convinces with its premium appearance, raises curiosity for its contents and stands out against regular binding covers.

Our cover pages not only serve as binding covers, but they can also be used on the back of your product. Together with the header page, they form a visual unit and are perceived as a valuable envelope.

Header pages and back covers for more stability

Optimal stability and firmness of your final product can be ensured by the use of suitable header pages and back covers. Depending on strength and material of both your header page and back cover, you can achieve different levels of flexibility. The following principle applies: the thicker the material, the more stable the final result. Generally spoken, there is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong”, nor is there any “better” or “worse” when choosing a cover page. The material should be chosen according to each intended use.

Binding covers for an ideal protection

Perfect protection of documents, photo material and papers is a main argument for the use of header pages. Cover pages, used as an envelope, protect your final product from accidental soiling, stains, cracks and kinks. Their use is therefore very suitable, for example, for learning materials that are being used over and over again for a longer period of time or for documents that are regularly transported in briefcases, satchels, etc. Of course, header pages also offer optimal protection against kinking and bending when materials are being dispatched.

Ideal intended use of binding covers

There is a multitude of reasons for the use of binding covers. They’re often used when the final product is to be produced in a particularly high-quality and visually appealing manner. The following presents an exemplary listing of typical uses:

  • Presentation documents
  • Synopses
  • Planning folders
  • Menus
  • Product catalogues
  • Student calendars / school planners
  • Annual calendars
  • Annual planners
  • Notebooks
  • Photo books
  • Photo calendars
  • Seminar documents
  • Learning materials
  • and much more

Binding covers in different formats

In the SPRINTIS assortment clear and matt-transparent header pages are available in the following formats:

  • Binding covers DINA5
  • Binding covers DINA4
  • Binding covers DINA3
  • Binding covers DINA2

Therefore, the supply covers every common format and leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to the professional design of your documents thanks to reliable and visually appealing header pages.

Material and strength of the binding covers

SPRINTIS cover pages are made of PVC and PP-film, respectively, and are available in different material strengths ranging from 0,15 mm to 0,80 mm. You can use the material thickness to control the desired stability and feel.

Tips for choosing the right binding covers

Choosing the right header page depends on a variety of parameters. Concerning material strength, colour, format and imprint, there is a multitude of combinations available. In our assortment you can find the fitting solution for every intended use. If you need support when choosing a suitable version, our customer advisors will be happy to help.

Custom-made binding covers

Should it be a special format, we are also happy to deliver cut-to-size pieces according to your wishes. The cover pages can be offered in any desired format, film strength and film colour. The header pages can be individually printed on demand. That way, you can design your calendars, presentation documents and menus according to your ideas.

Buying binding covers at a reasonable price

Our assortment offers a large selection of header pages in a variety of formats and material strengths. The order of the header pages is possible in multiples of 100. Benefit from the availability of large quantities, fast delivery as well as appealing pricing when ordering larger quantities.

For the production of notebooks, school planners and calendars you will also find in the diverse SPRINTIS assortment wire bindings, plastic coils as well as calendar hangers.