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If you want to ship fragile items, such as small technical devices, for which a whole package would be too big, then a pouch/bag made of bubble wrap is a good choice. The bubble wrap inside the shipping bag provides additional protection when shipped with courier or mail. Moisture-sensitive products are also protected better against rain and light moisture thanks to a bag made of bubble wrap. In the SPRINTIS shop in the world of packaging and shipping, you will find bags made of bubble wrap in various designs that fit your products:

  • Bags with flap: Closable opening
  • Flat bags: Open with side access
✓ different options available!
✓ different options available!

Bag made of bubble wrap for books, DVDs and more.

Bags made of bubble wrap are practical and sturdy inserts for shipping bags used with products that require additional padding during shipping or need effective protection from moisture, scratches or other types of damage. These include, for example, books whose weight can tear a normal envelope apart and which must also be protected against spots caused by rain. Picture frames plus their glass covers are also better protected in a shipping bag if you put them in a bag made of bubble wrap beforehand. This also applies to CDs, DVDs or sharp objects such as screws. In a bag made of bubble wrap, you can easily and safely store and ship your products.

What’s packed in such a bag?

Bags made of bubble wrap are ideal for sending small items conveniently and safely. Depending on the contents, first select the appropriate format for your bubble wrap as well as shipping bag. In the SPRINTIS shop, we offer bags with flap and flat bags made of bubble wrap in many different variations. You may generally send all products in a bubble wrap bag that you would also send in a small package. Put the product you want to ship into a bag made of bubble wrap and then into a matching shipping bag. The shipment can then be sent as usual. Keep in mind that you can also ship your goods, samples or other items as consignments. However, consignments under a certain shipping quantity must be easy to open and close again by the post office in order to check the contents. In such a case you must not glue the envelope but close it for example with a sample bag clip or a click fastener.

Bags made of bubble wrap as flat bags and bags with flap

In the online shop, we offer you closable bags with flap and open flat bags made of bubble wrap. Both variations are transparent. Put your goods in a bag with flap or flat bag and then send them in a normal envelope or, if desired, in a package. The bags with flap made of bubble wrap in the SPRINTIS shop are made of PE film and are available in 90 x 120 mm, 140 x 240 mm, 240 x 290 mm, 320 x 480 mm and 400 x 600 mm. The opening of the closable bags with flap is located on the narrow side. The material thickness is 80 μm. The non-closable flat bags made of bubble wrap in the SPRINTIS Shop, on the other hand, have a material thickness of 60 μm and are also available in many different formats from 150 x 200 mm to 400 x 600 mm. The opening is also on the narrow side.

Where do I buy bags made of bubble wrap?

Bags made of bubble wrap as flat bags or as bags with flap can be found in the SPRINTIS shop. The smallest available number of flat bags and bags with flap in the online shop generally is 1,000 bubble wrap bags in one box. However, we are also happy to answer individual requests and find a solution together with you if you need other quantities or formats.

Your advantages in the SPRINTIS shop:

  • Bags made of bubble wrap are available in different sizes and designs
  • Reliably protects the content with sturdy padding
  • Our products can be purchased in bulk with volume discount