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Double-sided adhesive tape with extra strong synthetic rubber adhesive and high tack 15 mm

Item number
Tissue tape VS13, 15 mm wide, hand tearable, translucent, with very strong hotmelt adhesive on both sides, roll with 50 m
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Type: VS13
Adhesive force: very strong/very strong
Adhesive: synthetic rubber
Carrier material: tissue
Material thickness: carrier + adhesive = 130 micron
Cover paper: brown (havana) silicon paper
Amount per reel: 50 m
Core diameter: 76 mm
Outer diameter: 128 mm

Our double-sided adhesive tape "VS13" consists of a tissue carrier, which is equipped on both sides with an extra strong synthetic rubber adhesive (hotmelt adhesive) and is covered on one side by a brown masking paper.

The adhesive is permanent and gives the tape a particularly high initial tack and a high slip resistance (shear strength), making it particularly suitable for use on smooth surfaces indoors.

This universal adhesive tape can be torn by hand, is easy and quick to apply and can be used for many applications such as holding, fixing, laminating, splicing and mounting.

Main fields of application:
Graphic industry, packaging industry, trade, DIY (crafting and sew).

Examples of application:
The tissue tape can be used for almost all applications in the paper industry, preferably for bonding paper and cardboard indoors.
Thanks to its excellent immediate adhesion, very good adhesion can also be achieved on materials that are difficult to bond, such as metal, paint, glass, ceramics and plastics. And even low-energy surfaces such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) can be bonded or made self-adhesive.
The tape is characterised by its excellent suitability on plane and smooth surfaces, which is why it is also often used for the economic assembly of signs and posters or for display production.
double-sided adhesive tape with hotmelt adhesive
Carrier material
synthetic rubber
Material thickness
130 µm
Core diameter
76 mm
Outer diameter
140 mm
Amount per reel
50 m
Cover paper
brown (havana) silicon paper
15 mm
Adhesive force
very strong/very strong
0,171 kg / 1 Roll
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